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- The Felton Crematorium Brushes come in a variety of shapes and bristle types and can also be customized to fit your company’s specific needs.



Part Number Overall Height Width Wire Diameter Tim Length Handle Angle
CUST2017 8-3/4" Side #1 - 5", Side #2 - 11" .010 Brass 2-5/8" 90°
CUST2055 5" 12" .016 Steel 2-1/2" 45°
CUST2067 5-1/2" 12" .016 Steel 3" 45°
FB1290 3" 12" .014 Stainless Steel 2-1/2" 90°
FB1280 3" 12" .014 Stainless Steel 2-1/2" 90°


  • CUST2017 – This type has a soft brass bristle which can be used on ceramics without damaging its surface. It features a wooden T-shaped block which gives this brush two different sized heads, allowing the user to clean large and small spaces with ease. This brush can be used at temperatures up to 500°.


  • CUST2043 – This brush is made completely out of metal and can withstand extreme temperatures. It features a single strip high quality steel-bristled brush for added strength and aggression. It has a 10” steel rod mounted on top with a ½” threaded coupling placed at a 90° angle. *Available with 2” or 3” trim.  


  • FB1290 – This brush is manufactured with 2 strips of high quality stainless steel wire to maximize durability. The stainless-steel bristle is softer than carbon steel used in most other brushes on the market, making the FB1290 much less abrasive on your crematorium oven's floor. It features a ½” threaded coupling placed at a 90° angle.