Food Service Brushes


Looped End Metal Chip Brushes

Maintenance Brushes

- Looped End Metal Chip Brushes are the perfect tool for cleaning out small, hard-to-reach areas that may be very hot to the touch.

Great for removing chips from indexable tooling, cutterheads.

Cleaning threads, machinery, tools.

Getting into joints and corners to remove build-up, cleans better than a scratch brush in these areas.

Applying adhesives - won't clog, spreads evenly and follow contours.

Cleans loaded drill bits, saw blades, cutters, even paint brushes.

Easily cleaned! Just wipe with rag when wet, or clean with power brush when dry.

Hangs up easily, or fits flat in tool belt.

Brush Width Trim Length Overall Length Fill Std. Pkg. ITEM #
1-1/2" 1-1/2" 5-1/2 Steel 12


Stainless Steel


Brass 30018