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Industrial Brushes

Felton Brushes Industrial Brushes

Quality & Safety

Quality & Safety are of great concerns of Felton Brushes. This is why we only use the finest materials in our manufacturing process. All Felton Brushes made in Canada utilize only United States manufactured wire. This is a commitment that ensures the safest, and highest industrial quality brushes in the world.

Brush 187 Brush B504 Brush C204
Brush 815T Brush 185 Brush 186

Custom Brushes Services

Felton Brushes Custom Brushes

Require Custom Industrial Brushes?

Felton Brushes offers different kinds of Custom Brushes. Simply let us know what your exact application is and what you are hoping to achieve within your design process.

We can manufacture custom tufted brushes, spiral wound coil brushes, spiral wound brushes, strip brushes twisted in wire or major (medium/wide face) bench wheels; just tell us what you need!

Custom Brush Services

Pipeline Brushes

Felton Brushes Drill Pipe cleaning

Drill Pipe Cleaning

Felton Brushes is a dominant player in the pipeline brushes business in the Canadian market. Our customers will not accept a substitute and order the brush from us in Canada. Our wire is specially formulated to withstand the rigours of cleaning thread on drillpipe. The Felton #187 is the Drill Pipe Inspectors' #1 choice for removing rust and other contaminants from thread roots.

Brush B504 Brush B604 Brush K604
Brush 187 Brush P1104-4.3215 Brush P1103-3.3215