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Felton's 187 Brush

A terrific vibration can be felt in the unbalanced brush, leading to excessive wire breakage. As shown at the AGI annual sales kickoff, the Felton’s Knotted Wire End Brush spun smooth even at top speed.

During a recent study with McMaster University, Felton’s #187 brush was tested against our leading competitors.

Problem 1: Wire Flying
Felton’s Solution: High Quality Wire

Problem 2: Vibration
Felton’s Solution: Small Patented Design Changes

Study Results

Felton: 9 Wires Flew
Competitor: 133 Wires Flew

Conclusion: The use of high quality wire decreased the number of wires breaking off. This increased the brush life and made it a substantially safer product to use. The design improvements resulted in less brush vibration, longer tool life and better ergonomics.

Felton Brushes is in the middle of an R&D study to make a wire brush that will absolutely throw no wires, and keep up with today’s grinders which rotate in speeds of excess of 25,000 RPM.

Currently holds a spin rating of 25,000 max.

Warning: Advise your customers not to exceed this max speed as a precaution.
Crimped wire brushes should especially not exceed their limits.

Please call to book Tony to come to one of your sales events or customer open houses to show off the most recent advancements in brush safety technology.

Felton's 187 Spin Record

Tony Ponikvar overseeing Bob Sorsdahl in Weyburn Saskatchewan spin our Knotted Wire End Brush at 28,000 RPM.

Felton Brushes

Felton Brushes