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Owner and President

Tony, an entrepreneur at heart, brings 10 years of sales experience to Felton Brushes. He has held various positions in the sales industry such as Sales Director at AT&T Canada.

In 2004, he acquired Felton Brushes. However, he soon was presented with the challenging decision whether he should import brushes from Asia, sell the company, or invest in new machinery and face his competitors.

By 2006, it was decided to invest in new technology and compete against the best in the industry.

Tony brings the vision and drive to be the best brush company in the world, focusing on competing in various niche segments.

Hobbies: 4 Children under 14 & getting caught on the big screen at Hockey Games.

Felton Brushes employees DELORES Our Queen

Our Queen

Delores started at Felton Brushes in November of 1949. She has worked at many positions over her 64 years here and she is still the fastest manual twister.

Hobbies: Family & Felton Brushes.