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Blueberry Harvester Brushes

Blueberry Harvester Brushes

“Low Bush” blueberries

1. Highest quality– Raw Material

Highest quality FDA and CSA approved bristle material is used (Toothbrush filament). This material is very expensive, but results in long life of brush, and 50% less moisture retention, allowing brush to perform optimally in both wet and dry environments. Our bristle is specially shaped and configured to have the right touch of suppleness and stiffness to outlast our competitors.

2. Manufacturing Technology

Felton Brushes in Canada operates the finest precision brush making machinery in the World (Wohler link.). We run this machine exclusively in Canada, and only a few other companies in the USA have them. Our brushes are manufactured quickly and with great precision than other brushes in the industry, ensuring you will be able to operate without interruption during harvesting season.

3. R&D

Felton Brushes has been making brushes since 1933 in Canada, and continually invests in improvement. Blueberry Brush technology has evolved with the advent of different harvester manufacturers in recent years. We have responded and created different models of brushes to suit these units. Many variables such as bristle diameter and shape, precise size of backing, and spacing in winding the brush were taking into account to optimise performance

4. Field Trials

Felton personnel in the field measuring blueberry picking yields with different brush variables. Input from farmers in 2008 result-ed in alterations to design and filament details for 2009 testing, resulting in better performance in 2010! As the season is short, it takes time to test and bring innovations to market. Please write to us with any feedback on our brushes, or ideas that you may have to improve performance further.

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