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Prototype Automotive Deburring Brushes

Click here to download the Felton Brushes Custom Automotive Deburring Data Sheet PDF

Prototype Deburring Brushes
CUST1171: 0.420" DIA, 4" OAL, 2" BP - .026 120GRIT SC, 15GA BRUSH
CUST1175: 0.420" DIA, 4" OAL, 2" BP - .020 120GRIT AO, 15GA BRUSH
CUST1177: 0.420" DIA, 4" OAL, 1" BP - .006 STAINLESS STEEL, 15GA BRUSH
CUST1179: 0.430" DIA, 4" OAL, 1.6" BF, 0.024" 120 Grit CG, 15 Ga Wire


Felton’s Custom Protoype Deburring Brushes perform a multitude of functions for any automotive manufacturer, engine manufacturer, and robotic automaker manufacturer. These brushes can be custom built to meet a wide range in design. Felton has developed numerous prototypes for some of the automotive industry’s largest manufacturers by working with tool engineers to develop, and test, some of the most innovative and reliable brushes on the market. Properly used Felton Deburring brushes are long lasting and easily maintained.


Hundreds of thousands of Felton’s Automotive Brushes are used in a number of aspects of the automotive industry to deburr different components. Each brush can be custom designed to fit specific shapes and diameters. Most commonly these brushes are used in the deburring process.

Features and Benefits:

Felton also has a great trial process in which we make a wide variety of brushes for examination and testing from automotive manufacturers. We work with tool engineers to find a brush that best fits the application for price and tool life. Felton Brushes provide safe, durable and reliable deburring options. Felton Brushes can an even be manufactured with a coolant injecting feature that sprays coolant on the brush head as it is deburring to preserve the life of the brush. For small too large deburring operations Felton can supply the brush you need.

Felton Brushes can also build to customer specifications and provide design assistance.

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