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Glass Washing Brushes

Felton Brushes Ltd manufactures and refurbishes glass washing brushes. Our experience, technical staff, and quality make us your ideal glass washing partner. Over the years we have worked closely with many glass processing companies throughout Canada and North America. We have experience with many different glass washing machines including

Billco, Bovone, Malnati, Somaca, Buxtrop, Prestik, Forel,

and more.

Felton Brushes Ltd runs the most automated and advanced brush making platforms available in the world today. We also offer a full service machine/weld shop that can handle any journal repairs or manufacture new ones all while maintaining a competitive price.


To save you money we offer a rewinding/refurbishing service. Old brushes are sent to us. We then remove the worn brush and build a new one onto the existing core. At this time the journals are inspected and any repairs are completed. This provides cost savings to you!


Felton Brushes Ltd is located in Hamilton ON. As the only Canadian source this allows Canadian companies to save money on your shipping costs. It also allows us to shorten our lead time.

Lead Time:

All raw materials are in stock! This allows us to offer a 24hr emergency turn around service (Additional charges may apply). Our standard lead time is 2-3 weeks from receipt of PO. This allows us to receive a PO, schedule production, receive the old brushes 2 weeks later, strip the brushes, make any necessary repairs and rewind the brushes all within 2-3 days. Proper planning and scheduling will allow you to only part with your brushes for 2-3 days. Our goal here is to work a brush refurbishing into your 1 week shut down schedule.


We offer free pickup and delivery in the GTA. A dedicated truck and driver is standing by!

Felton Brushes has been manufacturing industrial brushes in Hamilton ON Since 1933. Our focus is on quality and our automation allows us to be priced competitive!

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