The future of vine suckering. The CurVbrush improves vine suckering speed by 40% while eliminating the health and safety risks associated with bending over and crawling to sucker the vine. The 48″ shaft allows for an easy reach.

The CurVbrush comes from an inventor with 25+ years in the Okanagan Valley wine industry, and the brush is proudly made in Canada.

Average life expectancy for the brush is based on customer experience is 25-35 acres.

Replacement brushes are available for sale.


CurVbrush is a patented-break through in suckering technology that optimizes efficiency, cost, and safety. Vine suckering by hand is a tedious, back breaking, time and labour consuming procedure. Felton’s CurVbrush boosts suckering speed by 40%, while minimizing the strain on a worker’s legs and back, allowing them to work at a more steady pace.

This results in greatly reduced costs associated with labour for the grower, as well as a greatly reduced occupational health and safety risk for the worker.